The accesskey attribute is a way to set up a shortcut on an element. The code itself isn’t hard to apply, this an example of how it is done:

<a href="" accesskey="y">Youtube</a>

And, according to caniuse.com1caniuse. HTML accesskey attribute., it is supported by every browser out there

compatibility of the accesskey attribute2caniuse. HTML accesskey attribute.

The only thing to keep in mind is that activate the accesskey is not the same in every browser and OS. MDN3MDN web docs. accesskey. adds the following chart about how to activate it depending on the browser and system.

How to activate the accesskey in different browsers and operative systems4MDN web docs. accesskey.

Furthermore, here is a quick functional example of accesskey to tryout. For more information, you can check out the references down below.

See the Pen HTML attribute: accesskey by Dager (@dagerzuga) on CodePen.dark