Currently, Gulp.js is a powerful tool every developer should use, its easy syntax in addition to its useful functionalities allows the developer to stop paying attention to tedious and repetitive tasks.

gulp is a toolkit for automating painful or time-consuming tasks in your development workflow, so you can stop messing around and build something. Automate and enhance your workflow..

If you use Gulp.js or want to give it a try, these are 10 plugins to integrate into your workflow. You can download them from npm’s official page2npm. get npm.

  • browsersync: To reload the browser after a change.
  • gulp-sass: To compile sass, remove comments and compress the result into CSS files.
  • html-minifier: A very highly configurable HTML minifier.
  • gulp-minify: Minify all the javascript files and remove comments.
  • concat: To concatenate multiple files into a single one.
  • gulp-rename: The easiest way to rename files without doing it every time.
  • gulp-notify: Get native notifications from your gulp processes.
  • gulp-strip-debug: Remove every console.log, console.warning, console.error, alert and debugger statement from the javascript files.
  • tinify / imagemin: Two quality lossless images compressors, choose one.
  • gulp-load-plugins: Loads all the gulps plugins from the dependencies file.