Visual Studio Code has been positioned as a very popular and powerful code editor, these are five extensions that will make your work-flow a lot easier.

  • Live Server: No more server with node to local projects, with this plugin you can launch a local server with auto-reload after a change.
Example of Live Server in action1Ritwick Dey. 2017. Live Server.
  • Bookmarks: Add bookmarks anywhere in your code. This is extremely useful to navigation from one block to another, or from one file to another.
Example of code with bookmarks2Alessandro Fragnani. 2015. Bookmarks.
  • HTML tag wrapper: Agile way to wrap blocks of code into a new tag without breaking anything3hwencc. 2017. HTML tag wrapper.
  • JS & CSS minifier: No more gulp.js for a simple task such as minifying your scripts and styles. Minify with one click4olback. 2018. JS & CSS Minifier (Minify).
  • Markdown PDF: If you write your notes or documentation on markdown consider this plugin to export them as PDF5yzane. 2016. Markdown PDF.